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Ideal 7 in Wedding Entertainment

Consider these reasons for the importance of entertainment at your wedding - The most obvious fact is that it keeps your guests engaged in the festivities and it can't be made to cater to all ages. Entertainment allows you to express your personality and take liberties with your expression. You could use entertainment to complement your theme or as a natural icebreaker. The bonus is that guests will remember it and give them something to talk about – for a long time afterward.

So aside from the cool DJ, here are 7 other creative and unusual ways to entertain yourself and your guests at your wedding.

1. Wine Tastings - Would you like some wine with that

Perfect for a wine-themed wedding or just a great way for guests to entertain themselves and now have an excellent icebreaker for guests who don't know each other

2. Pen and Ink Artist - Make sure you get my good sides

Sit, stand, or just pose for a caricature, a portrait, or a mural. Have an artist immortalize your celebration on a one-of-a-kind canvas masterpiece, or in several more personal impromptu works of art.

3. Dance Instructors - Don't trip when the lights go down, fantastic!

A little guidance to help you pull off your first dance might give you the confidence you need. It might impress your guests, as well as make it more photographically interesting.

4. Circus Acts - Ixnay the animals

From stilt walkers to fire breathers, from contortionists to jugglers, these are performances that entertain, thrill, and bring out the child in all of us. Best suited for an outdoor event with a matching theme.

5. Carnival Rides - Get a cheap thrill

Remember the Toboggan and the Ferris Wheel? Well, they travel. Recreate this magical ambiance for your event and add a few booths with games of chance, such as Pop a Balloon or Put a Ring on the Duckie.

6. Performance Wait-Staff - The lunatics are taking over the asylum

One minute they are serving you champagne with a towel on their arm, the next minute they break out in song or create situational audience participation routines.

7. Casino Night - Luck be a lady tonight

Think of a roulette table in a James Bond film. If that is class then this is for you. May it be Blackjack or Craps, a few well-placed casino tables can make the night that much more interesting.

Contributor - DJ/MC Josef Schein

Danse Forté Entertainment

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