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What questions to ask your wedding officiant

to get it right the first time

It is just as important to have the right officiant for your wedding as any other aspect. Do not doubt that. Ask your wedding officiant all that will ensure that they’re a perfect match for you and your notion for your wedding ceremony.

This is a sampling of questions and the reasoning for asking

Practical - Answers to these questions will ensure that your marriage will be binding, the ceremony will be handled professionally and you won’t have unhappy surprises.

Are you registered to perform weddings in my location?

Countries, States, and Counties often have very distinct rules and regulations governing the state of matrimony. Some locations' regulations are right down lax. The possibility to become an Officiant or an Ordained Minister online requires additional research to ensure that the credentials are recognized in any particular jurisdiction.

How long have you officiated weddings and what sort of training have you had?

The extent of the officiant’s experience will directly correlate to their ability to perform a proficient ceremony, give off an air of respectability to the festivities and file the paperwork in a timely manner.

About how many weddings do you do per year?

Practice makes perfect and perfection is highly desirable during your ceremony. Staying up to date with modern traditions and keeping a fresh tone to the presentation is highly favored.

Have you previously officiated a ceremony at ‘my location’?

While not a deal-breaker, having officiated at your particular venue might assist the officiant in incorporating the environment into the ceremony. In some cases, being familiar with the location and knowing the staff might help in your guests' overall experience. Bonus: No chance they will get lost on the way.

What are your rules for photography?

Is your officiant camera-shy? Could they be easily distracted by other professionals scurrying about? Is Godliness above even your once-in-a-lifetime event and your right to have it documented?

Is premarital counseling required?

This s a very personal matter that must be discussed with your Minister, Rabbi, or other trusted figure.

When do you suggest we sign our marriage license?

Determining your preference to sign before or after your ceremony might rely heavily on your wedding day schedule. Having the officiant coordinate with your wedding planner will ensure your schedule runs smoothly.

What are the fees charged?

You need to maintain a budget.

Important note: Consider making certain that the officiant is present at the ceremony rehearsal.

Personal - Answers to these questions can help create a more intimate experience for you and your guests. By creating a bond with your officiant the celebration will feel more like a family affair than a business transaction.

What’s your favorite part of every wedding ceremony?

Get personal with your wedding officiant and find out what lights them up. Knowing which part(s) of the wedding ceremony is their fave gives you an idea of how your wedding officiant thinks, feels, and will personalize your ceremony.

How will you make our ceremony special?

It’s important to find out whether your wedding officiant personalizes their own ceremonial templates or if they write ceremonies for each couple. After all, no two couples are alike and neither should any two wedding ceremonies.

Why did you become a wedding officiant?

You learn a lot when you ask to find out more about someone’s stories. You discover passions and the lovely layers that make choosing your wedding officiant easy and fun. You want to have a connection with the person that’s going to pronounce you married.

Enjoy the connection you make with your vendors, they will forever be part of the story you tell.

Contributor - DJ/MC Josef Schein

Danse Forté Entertainment

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