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Dream a Little Dream of Cake

In a previous blog, we revealed the Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors for 2016.

We now update the blog with this season's wedding cake trends that will be big and those that are on the way out.

This, however, should not discourage you from creating your own one-of-a-kind Wedding Cake. The cake artists are out in force to help you achieve just that.

Here are some Wedding Cake options to impress your guests.

While in 2016 Red Velvet, Chocolate, White Chocolate with Raspberry, Lemon, Vanilla, Coconut, and Lime, Pink Champagne, and finally Carrot. ruled, in 2018 flavors are a bit different. Some of the most popular wedding cake flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate, Funfetti, Lemon, and Spice Cakes such as carrot and spice and cinnamon spice, Rich flavors such as hazelnut with salted caramel and dark chocolate and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Among the most popular Wedding Cake trends that you will see in 2018, you will see plain and sleek botanical cake designs adorned with sugar flowers, Drip cake designs, Semi-naked and naked cakes with refined and elegant decorations, the use of metallic edible sequins & sugar pearls with sugar beading work, edible lace layering and brush embroidered royal icing. Ice pink, blush pink, plum velvet and champagne pink led the cake color trend in 2018.

Cake Exterior - Your guests can begin to eat with their eyes. The overall design of the cake can spark your family and friends' imagination and give them an additional peek into your desires, in a cake.

You might consider slathering the cake in any of a variety of frostings, Fondant, Butter Creams, Cooked Frosting, Marzipan, or Royal Icing.

Cake Interior - When finally treating the wedding party to the Pièce de résistance, create a moment that will not soon leave their memories, in a good way. A lingering delight to the taste buds can be created with a variety of fillings, such as Jams, Butter Creams, Chocolate, Vanilla, and various Fruits.

You can even create your own filling, or choose different fillings for each tier of your wedding cake.

Creativity - Begin with your most crazy ideas and narrow the options as you get closer to 'decision day'. Consider using Edible Flowers, Off-Season Colors, and Non-Traditional Decorations to personalize and harmonize with your wedding theme.

If you imagined it, thought it or dreamed it, it is likely your baker can recreate it.

Contributor - DJ/MC Josef Schein

Danse Forté Entertainment

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