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It's my dinner party . . . and I'll cry if it sucks

It is of the simplest ways to reconnect with friends or make brand-new ones. It can be as complicated or as simple as you'd like for it to be. It's the classic dinner party

You could Host a dinner party at home effortlessly, by starting the planning well in advance and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Here is what you should know to make your next dinner party fun and successful

Keep the theme simple

Dinner will be the Pièce de résistance but the theme will dictate the mood, the number of guests, and even the guest list. Know that a more elaborate theme will cost you more and will take more of your time. So think before you theme.

Guest List and Invitations

You cannot be the only thing your guests have in common. Give thought to the ratio of lifelong friends, colleagues, and family members that you might want to have in attendance. To have the perfect mix of personalities attend, send the invitations no later than 3 weeks in advance with a strict RSVP deadline. Use the invitation to begin setting the mood of your event.

Drink and Food Menu

Homemade is the ticket. No one goes to a dinner party to enjoy the best that can be delivered. So plan it out well in advance taking into consideration your budget, your timeline, your theme, and your guest's dietary needs and restrictions. Have a variety of drinks from which guests can choose or choose to experiment, and throw a surprise homemade cocktail in the mix. If that is beyond you, stick to what you know. Keep the dessert small and accompany it with coffee or after-dinner aperitif.


Since the emphasis is on the dinner and the company you keep, music must be there only to cater to that ambiance. Select a variety of artists from your chosen music genre, create an ample playlist, and don't give it another thought. Maybe an online music service can help you with that.

Mood, Decor, and the Table Setting

Again, keep it simple. Either tastefully complement the theme of the evening or avoid a theme completely and go for classy. Low lighting will be more forgiving if you forgot to vacuum at the last minute and fresh flowers will lend aroma and simple understated beauty to the decor. The table setting must be mostly functional yet allow you to be creative and even playful.

Contributor - Josef Schein aka DJ Opus Unum

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